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Your mind is a powerful thing. You can imagine great things and make them happen. You can also worry about things and end up going down a dark hole. What if you were to spend more time focusing on the positive? How would it revolutionize your life? That is what we’re talking about on this edition of our podcast, Happy & Free with Val and Dan. There is so much to distract us, but if we learn to focus in the right direction and zoom in on the positive, it could make a big difference.

  1. Is Your Glass Half Empty or Half Full? Val Mosley 14:24

A Bed & Breakfast still conjures up warm feelings of the past, long before chain hotels, when people checked in for more than a room. They wanted something that felt a bit like home and local tales and treats from the innkeeper. Tucked in big cities and scattered across the countryside, B&B’s still beckon travelers from near and far.

  1. This B & B is More Than A Place to Stay Val Mosley 17:03

We recently took in the Boston Marathon. It’s an amazing thing to watch elite runners slice through miles like a knife in hot butter without breaking a sweat. However, the majority of the runners seemed to be grinding out every single step.

As we watched, there was some much that mirrored everyday life.

On this episode of our podcast Happy & Free with Val and Dan, learn how running can improve your life without strapping on tennis shoes.

  1. Running Away With Life Val Mosley 35:56

I wrote recently about how I was able to help my son – who races go-karts – overcome a physical and mental slump. He dug deep and went on to win a championship. This whole episode got us thinking about some parallels between what was happening out on the track and what takes place in life.

  1. Racing for Your Life Val Mosley 24:52