Valerie Mosley

Valerie is the Billion Dollar Mom and an investor passionate about impact. Her most prized accomplishment is being mom to her three children: Taylor, Ryan and Amanda.

Live Like You're Dying, Maximizing Risk-Adjusted Returns

In my over two decades of managing money, I have noticed parallels between key money management principles and life management strategies. As a bond manager, an angel investor and now treasurer of a tech venture capital group, I have seen my fair share of economic, security and corporate implosions. Experienced investors know that crisis is…

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How to Stretch Your Dollar

Since moms in many families work at balancing the family budget and overseeing the household finances, Val Mosley gives four great tips on how to stretch those dollars as much as possible while staying within a budget and helping build your community. Tip number one: Val talks about the wisdom of buying online whenever possible…

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How to Grow Your Money

Should teenagers think of their retirement plan now? Is it too late for you to start again if you’re elderly? With issues in the economy creating a difficult environment to make ends meet, money is a struggle for most people these days. But it doesn’t have to be. And the sooner you plant your money…

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Living Within Your Means

Val Mosley gives great tips on how to live comfortably within your financial means to create more freedom and happiness in your life. Offering one of her favorite phrases, ‘Be Happy, Be Bright, Be You!’ Val says, “It’s all about being authentically you.” People who live beyond their financial means are trying to meet the…

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