How to Stretch Your Dollar

Since moms in many families work at balancing the family budget and overseeing the household finances, Val Mosley gives four great tips on how to stretch those dollars as much as possible while staying within a budget and helping build your community.

Tip number one: Val talks about the wisdom of buying online whenever possible instead of traveling to your local store. Buying online saves you time, money, and helps reduce that dreaded impulse-buying that even the best of us fall victim to.

Tip number two: She shares her wisdom on the dos and don’ts of buying products in bulk in order to get the very best value from your dollars.

Tip number three: Val gives insightful ideas about saving money by becoming involved in what she calls a Shared Economy of trading seasonal clothing like winter coats or school uniforms that your children may have outgrown with other families. She also suggests saving valuable time by cooking your meals in bulk and trading extra meals with other moms in your neighborhood. Your time is money, and Val’s ideas on community sharing can help you to save time and money by building a local network with other moms.

Tip number four: Due to the rising costs of childcare, Val suggests that moms can trade babysitting times with other moms in their neighborhood or community. If your elderly neighbor’s children are already grown, then they might be willing to babysit your children so you and your partner can enjoy an occasional date night, in exchange for some extra help with their yard or garden work.

Buying online, buying in bulk, and sharing and trading services with other smart, money-minded moms can truly add up to real savings for you.

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